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June News!

Blue posted Jun 1, 18

Monthly News-June 2018

VoteTop Rewards!

I know, I know we didn’t reset the votetop, which is why I plan on giving out just some mini rewards for you guys. You guys can choose from first place choosing first and third place choosing last. The rewards will be 3 shiny keys, 10 vote keys, and 3 rare crate keys. We will definitely reset the votetop for June, so don’t worry. Also, the rewards will be much better next month.


I’m just going to flat out say, we do not know what is planned for this month. We will definitely remind you guys many times and post it in announcements, but we do not know what the player base would like more, which is what we’re mainly focused on. We promise that there will still be a drop party every saturday at 5:30 EST or after an event! If any of you want to suggest an event, please dm me at any time and I would be happy to take it into consideration and maybe even do the event!


I would like to congratulate our three new staff members since last monthly news; WispMC, squeaker (Its_Space), and Maciner. Yes I know, Maciner had left, but he recently returned. Maciner is going to be our server developer for a while, and I am happy he’s back. Now to our new helpers; we’re very happy that squeaker aka awesome minecraft parodys aka space and wispmc are here with us. We hope they will bring very good things to the server and relieve some of our stress, which there is no doubt they will :)


Ok ok calm down. We’re currently working on the safari and it is going to be added very soon. Not to mention, we have something very special planned for you guys built by my dad Pixieee. I don’t want to spoil it too much, but I promise you guys will love it. Also, we plan on adding a new elite4 plugin. Whoever beats the elite4, will become the new champion, their team will become the new champion team. You guys will also be able to create your own dialogue. Only requirement is that you have to have solid evidence, or have a staff member spectate your battle. This all takes a lot of time, so when you have time just say thank you to Pixieee for all of these amazing builds he does for us, and for all these amazing ideas.

 Well that concludes the newspaper. Trust me guys, we’re still trying to recover from the reset, as I suspect you guys are too, but I promise we’re trying our hardest to make your time here the greatest it can be.



May's newspaper!

[Staff] peterthegamer a
peterthegamer @ VengeanceMC
posted May 1, 18

Monthly News-May 2018

Growth on the Server!

We here on VengeanceMC have seen incredible records set by the number of players we have. On April 15th, we hit an astonishing 41 players on the server, which is insane to think about our once small server to having 41 people online. However, since then, we have had a decrease of players sadly. Since then, our weekly record has almost been half of that. We have not given up hope that our players have left, seeing as how we still have a good community and a lot of people who are dedicated to the server.

May Events?

For May, we have a lot of exciting events going on. For the 5th of May, we are going to host a drop party and make a shiny Spiritomb available for everyone commemorating Cinco de Mayo, which is the day to celebrate Mexico’s unlikely defeat over Napoleon III. The shiny Spiritomb is being given out due to the people who died fighting for Mexico. If anybody would like to read more about it, go here: . For May 12th, we plan on doing an all-female tournament for mother's day weekend. I understand that it’s sexist and I’m going to be made fun of but I really don’t know I think it could be fun. It will be 4v4, All female pokemon (like mothers) and it will still follow by the xy uber guidelines: . Any Pokemon on that list will not be allowed, even if it is female. It will be set to level 50 with best of 3. For May 19th, we plan on doing a scavenger hunt. It will consist of chests being hidden in every single warp, with some sort of key inside them. I wouldn’t want to miss this one due to the high amount of vote/shiny keys you can obtain. It’s definitely worth it! And finally, for May 26th, I have something very special planned. We are planning to host an all fighting type tournament for memorial day/memorial day weekend. I’m very excited to see how the battles go down, but first there are some rules. All pokemon have to follow the xy uber guidelines which means there cannot be any uber pokemon in the link I listed above. Also, every pokemon will have to have fighting as one of their main type. I’m really hyped for these, and I hope you guys are too.

Top Voters!

For our top voters, the three rewards will be available; a random legendary, 10$ voucher, or 15 vote keys. The players will be able to choose whatever reward they want, but 1st place gets the 1st pick, 2nd place gets 2nd pick, and 3rd place gets whatever is left over.

New Features?!

There are MANY new exciting upcoming features being worked on right now. We plan on revamping the vote crate, implementing something VERY big which is secret right now, and even possibly a hall of fame for donators, because we appreciate every single donator. For the vote crate, we plan on nerfing it due to many people getting supreme rewards and a ton of shinies. More info on that will be in the near future. The hall of fame for donators is still up in the air, but I think the staff will be able to give their time into it to commemorate everyone who does donate.


That's the end of the monthly news. The server is going to be going through a lot of things to make it a place where everyone can have fun. I have high hopes for this future, and I think the staff team will be able to implement these features to make your playing better.



Monthly newspaper - April 2018

[Staff] peterthegamer a
peterthegamer @ VengeanceMC
posted Mar 29, 18


Server Growth?

Here at VengeanceMC, we are highly grateful to every player we have on our server. We could not thank you players enough for transforming this once tiny server to something wonderful that people can enjoy daily. As a side note, we have been growing very rapidly in the past few weeks. We went from having around 12 people on at our peak hours, to 21 players on 3/24/18. To us, this is amazing, and we cannot thank you enough for donating your time to the server.

April Events!

This month we are planning on doing very fun, Easter-related events due to it, of course, being Easter on April 1st. For the actual Easter day, we plan on doing an Easter egg hunt. Also, on Easter day, everyone will receive a free shiny Buneary! On the 8th of April, we are planning to do a grass type tournament. The Pokémon you use in the tournament will need to be either mono grass or dual-typing with grass. It will be 3v3, only three Pokémon are allowed on the team, (so do not six Pokémon) all Pokémon are set to level 50, 1 legendary is allowed, and obviously, no bag items. You must list the Pokémon you are using the day before on the tourney-join channel if you are participating. On April 15th, we will be holding a trivia maze. You will have to make your way through the maze, while also answering Pokémon trivia questions. Each part of the maze will have a trivia question and three answers. Pick the wrong answer, you die and restart the maze. Pick the right answer, and you’ll move forward in the maze. The first three finishers of the maze will receive very great rewards. For the 22nd, we will hold a normal tourney with all the same rules, with a drop party after. And finally, for the 29th, we will hold a build off. There will be more information on the blocks you use etc. in the future.  

New staff members?

I would like to thoroughly congratulate our two new helpers; Rcut6776 and naughtyBLUE. We hope they will give the server what it needs to become even greater for the players. We also hope they will do their best helping the server out in any way possible.

Voting Rewards

The rewards for our top 3 voters are as follows; a 5$ voucher to use on our online store, all three legendary birds, Moltres, Zapdos, and Articuno, and finally a random legendary Pokémon. We do not have set rewards for set placements, so top voter will be able to choose what they want, and then second and third place pick their rewards after that. I personally would enjoy these rewards, so I highly recommend voting for the server this month. Not only do you get the chance to win very good items from the vote crate, but at the end of next month, we will choose three more voters to win these rewards!


Factions is coming very soon, due to the commitment of the staff team. This server would be nowhere if we didn’t have a great owner/staff team. Factions is just the bright light of a wonderful server where everyone can have fun and get along. This isn’t going to be the last project we do, as I see great future for this server. We will also always be focused on our pixelmon server, trying to improve this, so don’t worry. We don’t have a set release date for factions, but there isn’t anything wrong with getting hyped for it, because I sure am.

Future of the server:

We are planning on adding a daily reward system. It will reward players for consecutive log-ons to the server. We are also adding more purchasable cosmetics, such as gender, size, nature, etc. We are pushing a more player-based economy so that players can set the price. And finally, we are planning to revamp the gyms and elite 4.

I want to end this by saying thank you for the dedication of all players and staff. You guys turned this server into a wonderful thing already, with lots of opportunities. Here’s to another month of having fun.


March Madness!

[Staff] peterthegamer a
peterthegamer @ VengeanceMC
posted Mar 1, 18

Hello everyone and welcome to the first newsletter for VengeanceMC! We are a small but growing Pixelmon community with dedicated staff, Discord channel, and fun events held every week on Saturday. We are currently working on some major shop renovations to make shopping more convenient for you.

For the month of March, we have the following events:

March 3rd: Maze Event
March 10th: Pokemon Tournament
March 17th: Saint Patrick’s Day Event
March 24th: Pokemon Tournament

More details will be given as the event gets closer.

We will also be giving out rewards on the first of each month for the Top 3 voters of the month previous.

1st Place: Random Legendary
2nd Place: $5 Voucher for the Donation Shop.
3rd Place: Random Shiny

Our top voters for the month of February are (1st - _Farris, 2nd - Rcut6776 and 3rd - CommanderBluez) Make sure to contact me for your prize! 
As always if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask one of our friendly staff members. We are always here and happy to help! (Thank you to Chibz making this due to Farris being a bum)

1) Open Launcher.

2) Click on top right corner "Launcher Options".

3) Click Java Settings.

4) Add more than 2gb of memory.

[VIP] Temperestre Don't do 4gb if your computer only has 7.9gb of ram. Lol.