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It's almost Christmas!

By [Staff] peterthegamer a
peterthegamer @ VengeanceMC
- Posted Dec 1, 18

Hello everyone. The month of November is over, and I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays if you had them, and just enjoyed the month if not. As a usual reminder, make sure to prioritize school work first, and then playing. As the month ends, another comes closer, and with Christmas coming soon, we hope everyone also has good holidays during. Moving on, we’ve gotten quite a new set of staff on our team: Grimwave, Fay (Sylvenot), and Jacob (JacobLundgren). Along with the new staff, we have a promotion with Owen (HolidayShrek) moving up from Helper to Trial-Mod. Make sure to welcome and congratulate them with an open heart. This month we hope we can surprise everyone with some new events and tourneys, along with a newly implemented Discord Event that we will be hosting every Friday. Drop parties and Events will continue to be every Saturday, along with tourney every Sunday. Keep an eye on #announcements and #tourney-join for more info. Moving on, we’d like to thank everyone who has stuck with us, and for those who have recently joined. Welcome to the server, and we hope you have a good time.

Top Voters and Rewards (DM PETER FOR REWARD)

1st place – JacobLundgren (10 vaults)

2nd place – Eldestrapier668 (5 vaults + 1k claim blocks)

3rd place – psb99 (1 vault + 1k claim blocks)