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Spooky News!

By [Staff] peterthegamer a - Posted Nov 1, 18

Hey fellas! As October wraps up, we hope everyone is doing well in school! As the holiday season is starting, we want to say Happy Holidays and don’t eat razor blades. We appreciate everyone who has stuck with us through the month and would like to welcome everyone who is new. Again, as the end of the semester is quickly approaching, FOCUS ON SCHOOL. School comes before playing. We are getting some new plugins soon. Now, I’d like to mention the new staff members who have joined the team. We have added 2 new helpers: Zander (SolidLiquidsGas/Masked_Albino) and Owen (marcus_andreasen). Now for promotions: our weeb Gerson went from SrMod to Admin. Everyone welcome Zander and Owen to the team and congrats to Gerson for the promotion. This month we have some great events planned. Events will be every Saturday after Drop Party. We are going to continue having our weekly tournaments along with some mini-tournaments throughout the week. Keep an eye out in #tourney-join for more information. Thanks to everyone who has stuck with us as school has taken up a lot of our time.


Top Voters and Rewards (DM PETER FOR REWARD)

1st place – FLINC (10 vaults)

2nd place – marcus_andreasen (5 vaults + 1k claim blocks)

3rd place – AlviRoncho (1 vault + 1k claim blocks)

Also thank you to Owen for writing this piece!