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VengeanceMC’s September Newspaper


In this month’s newspaper we would like to thank everyone who has stuck with us even with school starting. We know that the amount of players that will be on will decrease, and we understand. Focus on school first, not the server. We want you to worry about yourself before you worry about getting on. Some new plugins have also been added. Some of them are vaults, slots, and we re-added wondertrade. Now I’d like to mention the staff members who have been welcome to the team or who have been promoted. Only 1 new helper has been added, TheMetalWarrior. Now for promotions, Solid has been promoted to Trial-Mod, Mug has been promoted to Trial-Mod and also went to Mod.  Pika went from Mod to SrMod and eventually got Admin. Last but not least our beloved Sniffy went from Admin to Co-Owner. Everyone welcome Metal to the team and congratulate everyone who has been promoted! This month we had many cool new events, such as the boat race, the rainbow floor, and much more. In the upcoming months we will try to become as creative as possible with our events so that you guys, the players have as much fun as possible while playing. Do not feel like you need to be on for every event, as I said, worry about YOU first. We will continue to create new events and do weekly tourneys/drop parties! Again, thanks to everyone who has stuck with us as school starts to commence for some.


Tourney Schedule for the Upcoming Month

Ubers - September 2nd

OU - September 9th

UU - September 16th

Monotype - September 25th


Drop Parties will be every Saturday


Top Voters and Rewards

1st Place- Yepsii, 188 votes ($10 store voucher)

2nd Place - marcus_andreason, 184 votes ($5 store voucher)

3rd Place- Astronaw, 180 votes (10 rare keys)

                                                                                         - Mug