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VengeanceMC’s August Newspaper

July was a big month for Vegeance and for pixelmon. 6.3.2 marked the last big pixelmon update regarding gen 6 (why not release pixelmon 6.3.3 while Pika is writing this, thank you for that), so next big update will introduce gen 7 and we hope you are as excited about gen 7 as we are. Despite some problems that the server had (all fixed meanwhile), the community keeps on growing strong and united. It is pretty amazing that a server that was once small now has around or over 20 players on at all time.

On July 28th, we hit an incredible 70 players on the server, totally smashing our previous player record and setting a new one that will hopefully be broken soon if the server keeps growing like it has been the last couple of months. We couldn’t have done this without you guys and your support and for that reason, we on the staff team thank you for making this possible.

For this month we have a bunch of new projects and plans that will hopefully be implemented to improve the server and the players' experience. One of these projects and probably the biggest one and the one that will have the most impact is a new spawn, currently being built by our staff team (mostly Danny so make sure to thank him). Also among the projects, it is to note the new staffboard that is being worked on.


Congrats SolidLiquidGas, Cecsa and Nyamui on becoming helpers, we hope to have you on the team for a long time. Make sure to apply since we keep our eyes peeled for possible staff members amongst the community. And remember we are always watching wink.  



All events will be announced on discord in advance, so make sure to join our discord (you can find it on th bottom right side of this page) and pay attention to the #announcements channel.

We can already announce the event for the first week of August, which will be a parkour event hosted during the weekend (we know it isn't everyone's cup of tea but we are sure it will be fun).

If you have any suggestions for other events make sure to tell them to a staff member but make sure the suggestions are reasonable (can't be unfair or overpowered).


Drop Parties on the following dates:

August 4

August 11

August 18

August 25


Tournaments on the following dates:

August 5 - 6v6 OU (OverUsed)

August 12 - 6v6 LC (LittleCup)

August 19 - 3v3 OU (OverUsed)

August 26 - 4v4 Dark Monotype


If you have any doubts on any of these events, message a staff member. This being said most information needed about said events will be provided on discord.


Top Voters of the Month (Contact Peter for your reward)

Temperestre & Lunatical - $10 voucher in donation store

DuaL_08 - 1 Legendary Key and 3 Shiny Keys

Miss_Anna - 5 Rare Keys