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Despite the battletower and the questline existing, I feel like theres not many really rewarding things on the server. Not to mention that neither one really gives you decent rewards considering that you get lik 9 candies from beating the champion.

I feel like you can fuse the Safari Zone, the Questline and the Battle Tower into sort of an adventure map by building a huge terrain with some towns, some lakes, some deserts, all up to the builders. It would have hidden, strong trainers and a lot of secrets and well hidden pokeloot that can be found at different times with all biomes included so everyone can catch all kinds of mons and non wildly spawning mons would be put in spawners that have a huge range so no one will even notice that the mon is from a spawner, I think it would be great if the hardest trainers on there can only be fought once a week and if you beat them, you get really good rewards like an mball or hourglasses or hell, maybe even filled orbs, so more people have a chance of obtaining HA legends and so the juicy items arent just obtainable through sheer luck from drop parties. I think that this would be a kind of project that would never stop being worked on with different expansions to the map coming out whenever these are ready. You could also make this accessable only by people who beat all 8 gyms, just to give it more progression, like the islands you can visit after becoming champ in pokemon platinum version. I think, this would be such a cool project and it would be insanely unique to the server.

But this is obviously a huge amount of building and I totally expect it to not become a thing because everyone seems to be bussy but if it would happen, it would be a really nice way of keeping the players busy for pretty much forever as such a map wouldnt even require mentainance or anything. Its just there, ready to be played and to be explored.

Also I'd like to add that you can host loot events way better by taking a section of the map, warding it off, altering it, hiding pokeloot/shinies like you used to on the old event, add parkours and then you have an event ready.
Posted Oct 15, 18 · OP
in my opinion there is both pro's and con's to this idea which i shall share with you!

would make it exciting for already developed players to train new movesets ect and gain possible loot.
if extra EXP is needed this can be gained from here at a high rate depending on trainer.
something unique.

It would take a huge chunk of the map to build and this could possibly mean removing peoples claims ect to make an unclaimable area. otherwise it would be a new world to do this.
with such structures and trainers ect been made it would generate loads for entities which for some users could cause lag and be unusable.

Honestly i would say to make a high level/high boss spawn rate safari zone instead of a completely new map.
Posted Oct 20, 18
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